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Allied Universal Corporation has always recognized customer service as its primary focus in establishing long-term business partnerships. We are committed to maintaining 100% satisfaction among each and every customer, and this company-wide philosophy has contributed to Allied’s success throughout the years.

Each customer is treated individually and professionally. We approach every need with respect and respond to our customers quickly and responsibly. It is and has always been, our goal to provide service that is consistent and dependable.

Allied’s customer service includes providing a superior product that we can be proud of. As a provider of Sodium Hypochlorite for water treatment we realize the nature and importance of ensuring our product’s integrity. We abide by the guidelines set forth by the EPA, OSHA, NSF, and DOT and adhere to the Responsible Distribution ProcessSM.  As a leader in the water treatment chemical industry, we are active members of trade associations such as The Chlorine Institute and the National Association of Chemical Distributors. In addition, we have a team of dedicated sales representatives that will guide customers through the EPA registration process.

In conclusion, Allied Universal Corporation boasts decades of extraordinary customer service. We look forward to continued success and growth, and we welcome each customer into our family with enthusiasm and pride.


Redundancy and Reliability

Our distribution system is without equal in the Southeastern U.S. water treatment chemical industry. Our dedicated fleet of Bleach Railcars and over 100 tractor-trailers and tankers ensures timely delivery during peak demand periods.


We are the only Florida bleach manufacturer to also have a dedicated fleet of bleach railcars, which enables us to transport large quantities of bleach across the state quickly, efficiently and economically. Our entire fleet of tankers and railcars is 100 percent “dedicated” – it delivers only bleach and, it delivers only for Allied, to Allied customers. Plus, all of our bleach tankers are fiberglass, to ensure product quality and freshness and eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination. Our trucking fleet also includes 40 flatbed trailers and 6 cherry pickers to service our customers’ dry goods needs. We typically make over 100,000 bleach deliveries each year throughout the Southeast­ern United States, demonstrating the size, strength, and capabilities of our distribution system. We also have an international division that serves Latin America and the Caribbean.

With our manufacturing facilities in Miami, Tampa, Fort Pierce, FL, Brunswick, GA, Ellisville, MS, and our distribution terminals in Jacksonville, FL, Mobile and Dothan, AL, we are uniquely positioned to provide superior service and unequaled redundancy to our customers.  All of our locations are in close proximity to major highways and rail lines.  This combined with our emergency response system, and support from the state’s emergency management network, provide vital backup in the event of a disruption of supply in any one location.  Our “multiple branch network” provides guaranteed back-up supply and ensures timely distribution and reliable deliveries to our customers, year-round, in virtually any emergency and regardless of adverse weather events. This is a key consideration in our hurricane-prone state (southeast). Our multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities enable us to provide our customers with backup and redundancy that our “single facility” competitors simply cannot match.

In October 2010, we proudly opened our newest and largest manufacturing facility, a $60-million bleach plant in Fort Pierce that employs the latest “salt-to-bleach” manufacturing technology. Our Fort Pierce plant is, by far, the largest and most technologically advanced bleach manufacturing facility in North America. Plus, the Fort Pierce plant’s “salt-to-bleach” technology is “greener” than conventional bleach manufacturing facilities and is designated as Inherently Safer Technology by the Department of Homeland Security. Unlike our competitors’ plants, our new Fort Pierce plant was specifically designed and built to allow expansion, additional capacity and growth, so that as our customers grow, we can continue to meet their needs.


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