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Who We Are

We are Allied Universal Corporation – a Florida-based company that started in 1954 in the garage of our founder, Leon Namoff. For more than six decades, under the steady leadership of Leon’s son, Bob Namoff, and guided by our unwavering commitment to great service, fair pricing, and offering the best quality products, our company has grown to become a regional powerhouse in the water treatment chemical and swimming pool industry.


Bob’s son, Greg, has also followed the family tradition and has been part of the Allied management team for over a decade.

Allied is Florida’s largest manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite supplying water treatment chemicals throughout the Southeastern United States, Caribbean, and Latin America. For more than six decades, we have worked tirelessly to
supply the needs of thousands of customers. Our operations run 24 hours a day, seven days a week making in excess of 100,000 deliveries per year. Our 300 plus employees, unparalleled branch network of seven manufacturing and distribution locations, dedicated fleet of over 100 tanker trucks (plus flatbed trucks for non-bleach products), and a large fleet of bleach railcars make us uniquely qualified to meet the needs of each of
our customers, regardless of their size or requirements.

Allied supplies water treatment chemicals throughout the Southeastern United States, supplying the majority of municipalities in the state of Florida. Additionally, the swimming pool market has always been a significant part of our business and Allied is uniquely suited to understand and service this market, supplying bulk bleach to the Florida swimming pool market.

Allied has always been proud of its ability to service varying customer markets, including, industrial, pool, and municipal users. Unlike some of our competitors, who like to target large, steady-demand, full-truckload bleach customers, we truly understand what it takes to meet the needs of all size customers, from neighborhood pool stores with varying delivery needs to large industrial and municipal users who need truckload or rail service.

With our manufacturing facilities in Miami, Manatee County, FL, Fort Pierce, FL, Brunswick, GA, Ellisville, MS, and our distribution terminals in Jacksonville, FL, and Dothan, AL, we are uniquely positioned to provide superior service, premium quality, and unequaled redundancy.

Our multiple branch networks provide consistently top-quality products with guaranteed backup supply that ensures timely and reliable deliveries, year-round, and in most adverse weather events. This is a key consideration in our hurricane-prone area of the country. Our multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities enable us to provide each customer with backup and redundancy that “single facility” competitors simply cannot match

Mission Statement

Since its founding in 1954, the employees of Allied Universal Corporation have made a promise to our customers that we would remain consistently committed to searching out and developing new and innovative technologies that would enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality products available in the market, at a fair and equitable market price.


Furthermore, we have dedicated ourselves to backing those products with outstanding service, quality control, and customer support. We at Allied Universal will endeavor to continually improve all aspects of our business and to continue to set benchmarks by which all companies in our industry measure themselves, while at the same time maintaining our commitment to being a good corporate citizen in every community in which we operate.

Mission Statemet
Who We Are

Quality Management

At Allied Universal Corporation, our commitment to quality is evident in every phase of our business. We select our vendors with discretion and perform quality inspections on incoming raw materials for their purity and grade. Our production and packaging procedures have been fine-tuned for high efficiency and quality. We continue to strive for excellence and have implemented Responsible Distribution     by adopting programs that incorporate product stewardship, hazardous communications, environmental protection, safety training, and security.

At Allied, we believe this is the perfect foundation for total quality in our business. Our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Just-In-Time Inventory (JIT) simply complete the profile of a company that belongs to your select list of Certified Suppliers.

Product Quality

 As part of our efforts to ensure the satisfaction and safety of our customers and in turn the end-user of the product, we place great emphasis on our product quality.  We have a dedicated quality control department that utilizes a comprehensive range of analytical techniques to ensure the highest product quality.  As part of our commitment to achieving the highest standards of product quality, we focus on the following areas:

  • High-quality raw materials and strict product standards

  • Dedicated quality control department and personnel

  • Multiple layers of filtration utilizing the latest technologies

  • Elimination of contaminants and impurities which can contribute to product degradation

  • Best manufacturing processes

  • Investment in “state of the art” process equipment and technology

  • Independent lab testing and analysis

Quality Management


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